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I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for all you did with the web site. I am sorry I have not said much. It has been a long couple of weeks since I started school. I am so excited!!

Thank you for caring about my dreams. It is more than I could have hoped for. It still amazes me how kind some people can be. You are an angel. I can't tell you how grateful I am for having you help me. I had lost a lot of faith in people in the last few years and you are a true exception.

Thank you for everything,
Amy :)
Pet Perfect Beds
Website Designs for Breeders, Kennels, Veternarians, Groomers, Handlers

I just want to take a moment and thank you Laura! You did an amazing job on capturing my personality on the my website. You really gave it that little something that I was looking for! I appreciate all of the time you spent with me on the details that really give it that extra character! I would recommend PawPrint Creations to anyone in a heartbeat. Thanks again.

Shannon Voss
Voss Cane Corso

To everyone, My name is Adam Park. I am the owner of Out of the Park bulldogs. About two years ago, while searching for help on how to get a website set up, I was turned in the direction of Laura Jarbeau by Jemm's American Bulldog. I had never set up a site or had a site and didn't know where to even begin. With the help of Laura and her creativity and willingness to work with us, we were able to create the site We continually get complements on our site and how it is set up. We couldn't have done this without Laura's help and are forever grateful to her and would recommend her to anyone.
Adam Park
Out of the Park Bulldogs

Dear Laura,
I wanted to take the time to write to you and let you know how thrilled we are with the work you have done for us, both on the website and on our artwork. You're creativity is phenominal, and we cannot express how much we appreciate the effort and insight that you put into getting us exactly what we needed. The interest in our kennel has more than tripled since the launch of our site. Had we known the difference that the website would make, we would have contacted you months earlier. I have heard so many "horror stories" from fellow breeders who have encountered less than professional web designers and hosts. I am so quick to point out what a WONDERFUL experience that we have had working with you. You are always helpful with changes and the work is always done so quickly. We felt it was important that you know how appreciative we are of the work you have done for us, and how excited we are to continue working with you.
Melissa Miracle
Haven Hill Cane Corsos
Hodgenville, KY


I just wanted to send you a little something and tell you how much I love your work. You are always so fast at getting updates done to my page as well. If I know of someone looking for a new web page I will sure send them your way. I have had so many compliments on the site and have been so happy with your work. Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much
Powerline Boerboels

Building a website is hard work. I know, we spent 5 months doing it, with countless hours reading 3-inch thick manuals, setting up merchant and gateway accounts. And paying big bucks for things that did not work harmoniously. When we were all done, we hated it.

That's when we met Laura Jarbeau of Paw Print Creations.
After just a few short e-mails she took our site and really turned it into something we could be VERY proud of. I even had to setup a folder in my e-mail account just to keep track of all the correspondence. I have over 100 e-mails from the time we "met" until the short time the site was completed.

Laura not only made us a site that looks great and works all the time, she also was able to save us 75% of the cost to maintain it than we were paying, even using those "discount" packages. No more do we have to keep track of merchant accounts, gateway accounts, hosting accounts, etc, we do it all thru Paw Print Creations, and love it. We even got more than we asked for as far as payment options and CHEAPER.

Laura worked very hard with us even when we changed our minds often on the same subject. We could not say enough about the professional, courteous service we have received. We feel like we have made a friend of Laura, one we hope to keep for a long, long time.

Thank you,
Jill Bombard
Jerry Bombard
The Gourmutt House
Website Designs for Breeders, Kennels, Veternarians, Groomers, Handlers

To whom it may concern: I have had great dealings with Laura Jarbeau, Paw Print Creations, and openly recommend Laura. I am not a savy computer person and Laura has always taken the time to explain things to me. I like the fact that she is readily available and you don't waste your time listening to a computer generated voice prompting you thru twenty choices. Feel free to contact me at and look at the website that Laura created for my police k9, Guido,

Laura- While I've not come up with any better photos of Wedo pulling, I'm not sure I've ever said thanks for making the wonderful page of him on the internet!!! We are so proud of him, and we know how hard he's worked and how well his actions, results and character have done so much good for the name of this breed, your wonderful work has put it out there for all to see! Thanks for displaying him in such a nice way! God Bless Frank

Outstanding! Love the colors, itís better than I expected, you really have a knack for this.

Iím going to send it out to everybody who knows us.

Thanks, you have a very artistic eye!


Excellent Job!!! We especially like him in front of the flag.

Thanks Loads.
Jack Jones

When I expressed my disappointment to a friend regarding 2 other website designers I had considered working with, I was referred to Laura. Laura responded to my inquiry, nearly immediately. I explained to her the look and feel I was looking for, and she took the ball and ran with it. She sent me design after design trying to make me exactly what I was looking for. She was VERY professional and never once did she become frustrated with my tendency to be difficult. ;)

Laura was determined to design the site I had envisioned and this was not an easy task. I knew what I wanted, and to design it would prove to be difficult. She was very attentive to detail and had the determination and desire I had been looking for in a web designer!

She has surely given me the utmost dedication, personal attention, and patience that I couldn't find anywhere else! Laura has put much of herself into building our site and for that I can not thank her enough!! I HIGHLY recommend Laura to anyone looking for the site of their dreams! In fact, she is the ONLY web designer I recommend! Laura is the best of the best and I am proud to say she made our site! There is no need to look any further!!

Thanks Laura! You are the best!

Dale Waterman
Rimini Cane Corso

Website Designs for Breeders, Kennels, Veternarians, Groomers, Handlers

I am amazed at how quickly you created my webpage! It was up and running within hours from start to finish. Your professionalism and creativity shows in your presentation and the end result is better than I imagined. You seem to know what I wanted before I did. It is great working with you now and in the future.
High Roller Goldens
Website Designs for Breeders, Kennels, Veternarians, Groomers, Handlers

Chris & Julie Kenny
Too Grand Cane Corsos
Website Designs for Breeders, Kennels, Veternarians, Groomers, Handlers

When I first found Paw Print Creations I was nervous about how I was even going to get started on my very first website. From the very beginning I was impressed with the way things were going with all the attention and help I recieved...I don't know what I would've done without Laura who has to be the most patient person I've ever met, believe me there were times I felt like I was driving her crazy but she was always there every step of the way until my website was complete, not only that, this is a very busy Lady but she somehow makes it seem like she's only working for you.

Edwin Keesee
Website Designs for Breeders, Kennels, Veternarians, Groomers, Handlers

I am so happy to have found Laura at PawPrint Creations. She has gone above and beyond to help me get my website online. I was selling through ebay but with the fees it just wasn't that profitable for me. She gave me alot of helpful information about getting listed and everything else that goes along with getting your business noticed online. I have already made back the cost and more. I just can't say enough good about her.

Lori Mercier
Dog Booties and Shoes


Thanks so much for a beautiful web site. It definitely expresses my passions; my dogs and my Indian Heritage. You were so patient and easy to work with; very understanding as I made changes and asked that areas be expanded. I look forward to working with you in the future for updates and changes.

Suzanne Pritchett
Suzanne's Schnauzers
Website Designs for Breeders, Kennels, Veternarians, Groomers, Handlers

We would like to thank you for all the wonderful work you did for us on our website. Your input and expertise were exactly what we were looking for when we decided to create our own website. It was amazing how much time and effort you put into each of our ideas and how helpful your suggestions and experience were in creating such an outstanding product. Your flexibility and lightening fast responses/changes made our experience fun and exciting. We couldn't be more happier with the results and the price of the package. You are a true professional and it is easy to understand why Paw Print Creations is associated with so many of the top websites in the Cane Corso community.

Lauren and Scott
Bella Croce Cane Corsos
Website Designs for Breeders, Kennels, Veternarians, Groomers, Handlers

Website Designs for Breeders, Kennels, Veternarians, Groomers, Handlers
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