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Website Design Testimonials:

At Paw Print Creations, the words of our customers mean a lot to us. We want everyone to be extremely pleased with their website with it is complete. We want the process of making their website to be a pleasant experience as well. We make every effort to create the look and feel that you are looking for in a website. We want your visitors to leave your website feeling fullfilled. That they came to your website and found just what they were looking for in a clear, consise manner.

Its the words of our customers that help us learn and grow as designers. We want the truth from them and they want to share their experience with you.

I've entrusted Laura now with several important projects - Each time she has hit it out of the park for us ! She learned early on that I'm a picky pain in the ass yet she still works tirelessly with me !! She is a pleasure to work with and real professional!

Thanks again Laura!

Joe Hovorka
Liberty Cane Corsos

Paw Print Creations has been a dream to work with! I have gotten very personal attention and Laura really cares about getting things right. She listens and is extremely reasonable and flexible on design and billing options. Paw Print Creations has done three websites for me. The creativity and quality of the websites is great. All the sites have even been set up so that I can edit them myself. I would highly recommend Paw Print Creations to anyone that wants a great website at a great price! They're my "go to" webmaster!
Lori Sargent
Windswept Wirehairs
Professional Dog Handler

Laura of Paw Print has done an out standing job of creating and maintaining my Capri Cane Corso website. Her design and layout was exactly what I desired with minimal back and forth communication. Everything was completed in a reasonable time frame at a very fair price. In addition her maintinence of our breed club SACCI website is equally professional and above standard. I would recommend her services above all others I have used in the past.
Jimmy Stanchio
Capri Cane Corso
Sacci Cane Corso Club

As the owner of the International Cane Corso Federation Registry I have been so pleasantly surprised by the excellent work ethics, professionalism and speed of Laura Jarbeau from Paw Print Creations. Having owned other websites before and using different web hosts has been an absolute nightmare. In the past, I have had to wait weeks and sometimes months for updates to be added to my site, I have been overcharged for work that was done either sloppily or not at all, I thought I would never find someone reputable and then I found out about Paw Print Creations through recommendations. After speaking with Ms Jarbeau I was excited to finally get someone who cared about me and my business I can email her anytime and she gets back to me so quickly I feel like I'm her only client, this is extremely rare nowadays and I'm so grateful for her. She has been a pleasure to work with, going above and beyond what I ask for to make it the best possible web site. Thank you Laura!!
Kristie Hodas
ICCF Registry

I am more than pleased with Laura Jarbeau's design and continuing support of my website! Her creativity and professionalism are unsurpassed. Her talent and dedication to unique and magnificent work keeps me inspired.
Barbara Pietra

Sidekick for Pets

I knew that to get my new kennel recognized and to give it the look of professionalism I would need a website. I had tried the do-it-yourself method and was just miserable and it looked so amaturish. So, I started looking at some other Cane Corso websites that I liked and they were all made by Pawprint Creations. I contacted a couple of her clients and they all were very pleased with her work. After contacting her and discussing what I wanted she agreed she could help. And that she did. She made a beautiful site for my kennel and my boarding kennel business, too. I could not be happier. Plus, the cost was much less than what I expected. Thank you, Laura.
Cindy Carroccio
Costa Rica

Vista de Volcan Cane Corso - Costa Rica

Villa Paws Boarding Kennel - Costa Rica

You did a great job creating my website! Not to mention a great eye for detail; you designed my site the way I intended! Your technical expertise is awesome! I can rely on you whenever I encounter a problem; you're always able to fix it for!

Thanks again for your services and I will recommend your business to others!

Dina Marie Pratt
Pet Portrait Artist

Painted by Dina

Hi Laura!!! Everyone here at the Estate Guardian Kennels family wanted to send out a huge thank you to show our appreciation for all the help you given us with our website. We get so many compliments and encouraging words about how up to date we keep our puppy info up to date. Thank you so much!!!!

Ansu Sesay

Estate Guardian Kennels

Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work on the website. You have made starting this portion of the business so easy! We have had so many compliments on the site and I do believe we are generating a lot of business from it.

Thanks again
Terrie Dragan

Website Designs for Breeders, Kennels, Veternarians, Groomers, Handlers

Hi Laura,

I just wanted to let you know that we are so happy with our web site. All of our friends have asked, who made our web site. What I liked the most about your service was you did everthing you said you were going to do, and on time!! Thanks Laura for a job well done.

Chuck Coffey
Beach Bulldogges

Website Designs for Breeders, Kennels, Veternarians, Groomers, Handlers

David & I just want to thank you so very much for creating the website for us. We are so very pleased with the results. The price was very reasonable.
Thanks again.
Peggy & David Bromley
West Tenn Bullies
Website Designs for Breeders, Kennels, Veternarians, Groomers, Handlers


I just want to start off by saying that you are a very patient and understanding person. I know that you had other people to deal with but acted as if I was the only one. I honestly appreciate that whole-heartedly. You did a wonderful job on my site, your ideas turned into a site that I never expected. Youíve done many sites that show your professionalism and creativity that you have, keep up the great work! Thank you and God Bless!

Stephanie Simpson
Bellissima Cane Corsos

Website Designs for Breeders, Kennels, Veternarians, Groomers, Handlers

To say I am hard to please is an understatement. Yet at times that I am sure Laura had to be gritting her teeth and pulling out her hair, She was always friendly and promptly responded with courtesy and professionalism.

Her patience is remarkable. She took my simple ideas and created something more wonderful than I had ever envisioned.

Laura was referred to me along with 2 other web designers. After corresponding with each, I had the feeling that Laura would provide me with superb customer service and her personal feeling was right on the money.

I highly recommend her to all!


Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso, Las Vegas, NV.
Website Designs for Breeders, Kennels, Veternarians, Groomers, Handlers

I was blessed with meeting Laura Jarbeau of Paw Print Creations through a notice she posted on a message board.

I had been looking for someone to help take my web site to the next level but it wouldn't be an easy venture for most. All others I had contacted were not interested in taking on my project or wanted to charge a small fortune (to which I was not interested in taking out a second mortgage!).

I emailed Laura and she responded immediately.

I gave her my rough draft idea and from there we took off on an adventure that ended with the site of my dreams!

Laura was always conscientious of making my site what I wanted, she was thoughtful and offered invaluable opinions when I was on the fence about a decision regarding the site. The site was completed in a timely fashion and exceeded my expectations.

Laura was so great to work with - I can't imagine having done this with anyone else!

Thank you very much Laura for everything!!!

Jemm's American Bulldogs
Website Designs for Breeders, Kennels, Veternarians, Groomers, Handlers

Laura has done a beautiful job on our website! She is always on top of everything, and there right away if I need anything. I would, and do recommend her services to anyone who is in need of a website.

Carol Wolfe
Vintage Acres
Vintage Acres Cane Corso Banner
Website Designs for Breeders, Kennels, Veternarians, Groomers, Handlers

Thank you so much for creating my website. Your flare for webdesign is awesome. You did a great job with designing my Companion Cane Corso site!

You are quick with making the changes that I want. Im very very pleased with my sites and all the work you put into them. Not to mention your fee's are very reasonable. I have highly recommended you to people and anyone considering having a website made, you can't go wrong with Laura. "Thank you Laura"

Charlene Briggs
Companion Cane Corsos
Companion Cane Corso Banner


We canít say enough about how impressed and happy we are with our site. Every time I visit it, I love not only how it looks but how easy it is to navigate. I have had several emails from people who have visited our site and taken the time to comment on the fact that it is so user friendly. One of the things I love the best is that you were not only there for the initial set up of the site but that you always make yourself available for updates and changes. I would not hesitate to recommend Crestwood Designs to anyone looking to set up and/or update and change their website.

We canít thank you enough for your efficiency and professionalism...and camaraderie! All ways a pleasure to work with you


Betty and Byron Osing
Darkstone Kennel
Website Designs for Breeders, Kennels, Veternarians, Groomers, Handlers

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Website Designs for Breeders, Kennels, Veternarians, Groomers, Handlers
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