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Photo Tips

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Submitting Digital Photos:
Please be sure to identify the subject of the photo, and the page that you would like to feature the image on. If submitting more than one photo, you may send multiple emails to make sending them easier.

Digital Camera Suggestions:

Minimum Image resolution: It is always a good idea to take important photos at the highest resolution that your camera supports. This provides for using the image in many different ways, including a featured image, or in printed materials. Having your camera set to the highest resolution always guarantees that you will be able to use the perfect photo to its fullest extent. Please reference your digital camera’s user manual for instructions on how to do this.

You may crop the image if you prefer, but any other editing should be left to us to do so electronically in the best way which will not result in loss of quality.

File Format: .jpg or .tif format – if your photos aren’t already in this format, please save your images in this file format (save-as command in your image editor) at the highest quality possible (low or no compression)

Instructions for scanning prints yourself:

Scan your prints at 400 dpi, scaled at 100%. Many scanners’ default settings are set to 150dpi. Please be sure to check this and scan your prints at 400dpi. If you do not know how to change the settings of your scanner, please reference your scanner’s instruction manual or help file for more information. If you need help with this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You may crop the image if you prefer, but any other editing should be left to us to do so electronically in the best way which will not result in loss of quality.

Save your images as a .jpg file at the highest quality possible (low compression)

If you don’t think your scans look right on your monitor, then the odds are that they won’t print any better. If this is the case, mail us your original prints.

Keep your scanner clean, so that you do not pick up dust along with your image. Read your scanner’s manual for the suggested way to clean the glass.
Wipe prints with a clean, soft cloth to remove dust and fingerprints before placing in your scanner. Place your photos on the scanning surface and make sure that they are straight.

Professionally taken photos can be used, but you must get the photographer’s permission to use them. Don’t be afraid to ask, it usually isn’t a problem.

Selecting your photos:

Select sharp focus photos. Blurry or out of focus prints will remain blurry or out of focus. Cutting your prints is not necessary. Any cropping and retouching is done electronically. 4x6 or 5x7 prints work best.

How to take beautiful pictures

Zoom into the subject. Fill the viewfinder or screen with the subject. Please be mindful to not cut off heads, ears, feet or tails.

Be mindful of the background in the images you choose - if possible. Take a look at the scenery, keep it in mind when selecting your photos as well. Some items can be removed from the background of web based images, but not all.

Use natural light. Taking photos outside works quite well. Sunset is a great time to get a warm glow.

General Photo Ideas:

Do a photo shoot in a local park: Greenery and park settings are some of the nicest places to take pictures. Lakes and beaches are also great places to take pictures. Using an outdoor setting gives you a beautiful background to start with - you don't necessarily have to worry about background clutter that you would have inside a house. You'd be surprised how a frame hanging on the wall, or a television, behind the pet can take away from the actual picture.

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