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Website Design Pricing

  • Homepage with full set of custom designed website graphics based on your preferences and input to be used on all additional pages
  • Webpage layout for all content to be used on all pages
  • Contact information available on every page as requested
  • Full menu either text or graphic based
  • Custom cropped, resized and optimized photos (average of 5 per page)
  • Custom Meta Tags for each page of your content
  • Complete search engine optimization
  • Search engine submissions
  • FREE Links Page
  • FREE Site Map
  • FREE Submittable Contact Page
  • FREE Banner Ad for linking to your page
  • FREE 6 months priority advertising on and other sites owned by Pawprint Creations.
  • FREE Business Cards 250 Cards created to match your website
Website Design Price: $400.00

Additional pages: $50.00 each

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By providing the following information you can assist me in serving you better. The answers to the questions below enable me to get a clearer picture of the type of website or services you're interested in, and what resources you already have in place. If you don't have all of the information readily available you can provide those details later, some of this information is just helpful tips for you, and things to begin thinking about. The important thing is to give a generalization so that I can evaluate your immediate needs and respond quickly.

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  • Are you in need of a full website or a website redesign?

  • Do you have a logo, theme or style upon which I will base the design?

  • Do you have comparison sites that appeal to you?

  • Do you already have a registered domain? Thru which registrar?

    (please prepare your domain registrar log in information - site address, user id and password - as we may need this information, guarantee that the log in is correct as this will save us a great amount of time in the future. If you do not have a domain, I would be happy to register one for you.)

  • Do you need Web Hosting? Thru what host?

    (please prepare your hosting provider log in information - site address, hosting provider, ftp information, user id and password - as we will need this information, guarantee that the log in is correct as this will save us a great amount of time in the future. If you do not have a website host, we offer website hosting.)

  • Do you have a target deadline date?

    (Note: We may or may not be able to meet your deadline. We make no time frame guarantees. This allows us plenty of time to create just what you are looking for. If you are non specific in the design and layout, completion of a professional design and layout will not require as much time. Please contact us for an estimation of completion time provided we receive your information in a timely fashion.)

  • Do you have a Company Logo?

    (Please be prepared to provide this digitally at high resolution)

  • Have you prepared you text content?

    (Be aware that I can not provide content for you, begin preparing this as soon as possible)

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